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Our education programmes take children on a journey of nature based learning and discovery with a hands-on approach. We provide:

  • A skilled education team to lead your day and engage children’s imagination

  • Imaginative activities that offer links with national curriculum and give opportunities for developing literacy and numeracy skills.

  • Lessons that link to the national curriculum 

  • Single sessions, term time sessions and longer development

Founder and instructor, Gareth, has a background in teaching having led princes trust team programmes and is registered as a national tutor, also training volunteer cadet schemes and running programmes as a DofE coordinator and national navigation sessions. We also have teaching staff with a background in schools and SEND programmes, making us the perfect combination for schools and groups 

Studies prove that learning outdoors improves health and well-being as well as educational outcomes.  A study in Scotland found that outdoor learning sessions meant that pupils were more active than in their usual P.E. lessons.  It is possible to double up on the recovery power of the outdoors by using creative and expressive opportunities-we can offer you general curriculum based outdoor learning AND professionals in orienteering / map reading. 


The National Outdoor Learning Award, often referred to as NOLA, provides a structure to help children reflect on what they have learnt during their outdoor adventures about themselves, others and the environment. 

Programmes are not changed at all to incorporate NOLA. We simply include time during your lesson for the children to reflect on their experience and complete the Record Sheet.

The award identifies three main areas of Outdoor Education!

  1. SAFE: The children concentrate on all aspects of a safe, positive and encouraging group environment.

  2. RESPECT: The children learn to appreciate and respect themselves, their friends, their teachers, and the environment.

  3. LEARN: The children discover ways of engaging with new information, facts, skills, values and fun

We have some great courses available which can be found in our education programme.

* Taster sessions - These are 1.5 - 2 hour courses, (activity dependent), are run as morning or afternoon sessions throughout the year.

Designed to provide you with the opportunity to 'have a go' and 'experience' one of the many adventure activities we offer.  The chosen activity is arranged at a time to suit you and at a venue which offers a suitable level of challenge. All you need do is to come dressed to get cold, wet and dirty! in the great outdoors

* Full days, term or longer services - we can offer services that will run throughout the term or year.

These are best suited to small groups or classes throught the academy year. Please contact us for further information

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